Monday, February 4, 2013

Sun in the Rain.

The temperature has been low lately. It rained for the past few days, which prompted me not to trust weather forecasters. In these cold and dark days, with the gushes of wind so threatening, and bags of rain so heavy, there's nothing more comfortable than wrapping myself in my comforter and catching up with my favourite TV series, or reading a book while enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. Although I'm not really a fan of cold weather, I do love rain. I love when it's raining, especially when I'm at home. I love the smell of rain, and the sound it makes. It's funny how I used to not be able to smell it; the fresh smell of rain and grass. I love watching raindrops falling down, and I love the refreshing feeling it brings along. 

A book I borrowed from my good friend, John :)

Rain, brings back so much memories of me as a child. Sometimes I feel like going back to my childhood, and cherish every moment of it. Siblings still living together, the younger-looking-parents, the fun things we did, etc., how I wish we could all stay young forever. Growing up can be difficult at times, and growing old can be saddening, especially watching our loved ones grow old Photobucket

Lately, I've been worrying about what the future may bring. I'm still a bit clueless of my dreams, and what I'm trying to achieve. The only clear objective I have in mind, is to make my parents proud. I want to get a good job with a good pay, and bring my parents to travel to places. I want to shower them with happiness, and all the things I can possibly buy. But as much as I want to give them everything I can, I'm still unsure of what/who I want to be. And while I'm on my way to achieve whatever I might be planning to achieve, they're getting older too. It's just sad Photobucket

So much plannings to be made. May Allah ease everything, and shows what's best for me. Amin.

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. said...

Haha, bangganye my book on your blog. XD

How's the book? Do you like it? I find that not every crime is interesting but the character Sherlock Holmes is so interesting to read. Dr. House is so much like him! Macam they copy Holmes and paste him into the future, lol.