Sunday, May 9, 2010

Copy Paste Listographyyy.

Okay I was being tagged by a friend of mine, John to do this.

5 Foods I Could Eat Forever On a Deserted Island

1. Cheese burger
2. Coconut jelly (I wonder if this is considered as food. whatever)
3. Nutella toasties
4. Fruits or fruits-based food
5. Fries!

5 Actress-Girlfriends I Would Bring Home to Mom
* Err I would like to clear something. I'm not a lesbian or bisex. So lets change
that into Actors-Boyfriends alright? :D

1. Alex Turner (he's not an actor though, but ohh sukati lah nak letak siapa pun, kan? haha)
2. Jensen Ackles
3. Gael Garcia Bernal
4. Kevin Zegers
5. Megan Fox (She is an exception. I'm freaking serious man. HAHA)

5 Things I’d rather do Than a Philosophy Toilet Paper (HAHA)
1. Onlineeee
2. Looking at the mirror 24 hours a day
3. Counting my fingers
4. Novels
5. Just anything other than the urm, whatever paper.

5 Books I Can Read Over and Over Again
1. Bank book
2. Facebook
3. Lookbook
4. Notebook
5. Colouring book

*Hehe I know I'm owh-sum. Yeayy me! haha

5 Things That Bring Tears to My Eyes
1. The wars and violence.
2. Homesick.
3. Bad results.
4. Thinking why I'm not Alex Turner's girlfriend.
5. Looking at some faggots' pictures

5 Things That Bring Smiles to My Face
1. Gathering with my family and friends.
2. Day dreaming.
3. Getting compliments.
4. Listening to good musics.
5. Hey I could list them up to at least 50 things cos there are just so many
things can make me feel good :)

Done. Yeayy!
So, out of curiosity, how would your lists turn out? What makes you laugh and cry?


John Loo said...


Megan Fox? She'll sleep with your brother the moment she steps foot in your home XD

Facebook? Lookbook? LOL, cheating!

Da count your fingers today? Mungkin missing satu :O

Lina Nadia said...

HAHA. no comment.

I count them everyday, don't worry XD