Friday, October 8, 2010

Total retards. No offense.

How many times do I have to see this, I wonder. I'm actually tired of you people
who can't really spell right.

"heY awAkx x peGiw ManEw2 keW aRiNieY?"
"nPeW sAyE shUkeRr cGt NieY?"

For God sake, could you stop it? You're hurting my eyes, seriously.
I don't see the point of spelling like that.
You are just wasting your time, and mine. Hell lot of time.

And no, I don't appreciate your effort on pressing the capital button over and over again.
I think it's okay to shorten up words, as long as it can be understood.
But not this one. Adding a 'w' behind every word is just plain stupid.
You cause a lot of trouble not only to yourselves but to the readers as well.
Don't you think you are wasting years in primary school to spell
correctly and you end up messing up everything?

Some people think it's cool and trendy.
Some even think it's cute to type like that.
You know what? Stop dreaming.
If you do think like that, you sure have retarded minds.
The truth is that you are being so annoying, I repeat, ANNOYING.
Please stop. I don't want you to contaminate other people, especially the youngsters.

Your way of spelling things don't impress me and it isn't cool.
Thank you very much for all the time wasted. Get a life.
If you continue to type like that, don't talk to me.
I doN't uNdErstAnD r3mPitzzz.



John Loo said...



Lina Nadia said...

I know -___-
I miss emoing like this. Haha

dearly I D A said...

haha. terbaikk lah lina! sobri dah kurg sket eja mcm tu. tapi still dia msih eja mcmtu gak. -__-"

hate it tho he's my bf. erk. lmao.

Lina Nadia said...

Hahaha aku perasan jgk kadang2 dia update status. Tp tu tak kronik la. Boleh diselamatkan. Haha. Kau kena bimbing dia ke arah menulis dgn betul, ok? Gahaa.