Monday, December 6, 2010

Let me hug you, world.

The sun's scorching bright.
I wanted to go to the beach.
So yeah, done that. Wish granted eh? :D
Went to P.D (again, takde tempat lain HAHA)
Gathered with family and relatives, which is something we do every year.
We had a lot of fun playing water sports during the day, and playing monopoly,
went to funfair, get crazy and all during the night. We get tired and wet.
I loveeee it when it comes up to this family-relative thing. It may be nothing to some,
but it's really something to me. Maybe because we had been taught to make bonds
with each other since we were little, we are this close now.

And of course, when I'm married someday I'll make sure this tradition stays
and being passed down from generation to generation.
I want my kids to know their relatives, being close with their
cousins, keep themselves updated about how the others are doing, and so on.
Our world today isn't the same as yesterday's world.
Kids nowadays are more likely to make friends than getting to know their own relatives.
Some don't even know who their uncles are.
It's sickeningly sad, well at least for me it is.
And I'm not gonna let it happen to my children.

How about you?

P/s: I straightened my hair. I'm like ohhmaigodidontevenwanttobutididit. Duh.

Chillax for now.

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