Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aren't we all the same?

If only we could build anything using Lego blocks, I would have built trust.

I'm confused about the term ADULTS.
They behave so differently that I'm beginning to realize that they are after all
no different from youngsters like us.
They do what we do, they eat what we eat,
they give no brains about important things.

They piss us off like how we piss them off.
They lied to us like how we lied to them.
They do mistakes like us too.
They think that they are up a level because they are adults,
and we think that we should be upped a level because we are teenagers.

We are all the same, aren't we?

I tell you what, we can't trust anyone.
They will eventually lie or cheat or break their promises.
Man, we have no one to rely on.
But we still have God with us.
HE never lies.

Emo ni. Emo ni. Arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

1 comment:

John Loo said...

Hug your teddy bear haha. At least you can hug it. Not like God.