Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why did we do what we did?

Us humans are all selfish and stubborn.
We judge people around us and see every tiny mistake they made without realizing that we are no different. Does judging people make you feel like you're much better than them?
We keep doing things we had been told not to, things we knew we shouldn't do but we are
too stubborn to even care about.

If we already knew the consequences, why are we still doing it anyway?

If we knew breaking the rules is wrong and we'll be punished, why didn't we obey?
If we knew smoking is bad and we'll get lung cancer as a result, why didn't we stop?
If we knew the earth has been polluted enough and it'll get worse, why didn't we stop polluting it?
If we knew we'll be damned for telling lies, why didn't we just tell the truth?
If we knew there's a punishment for every sin we made, why are we keep sinning?

Humans are complicated and pathetic.

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