Monday, April 11, 2011

There's still hope.

Often in life, I feel stupid. Feel like a total idiot.
I question myself why is it like this and why isn't it like that.
This semester really stressed me out. Especially when I'm expecting something
higher but in the end I screw everything up so bad.
Why are you like this Lina? T__T

I'm so not confident with the coming papers.
Marketing & Accounting, lowwww carry marks dammit
I'm such a loser. Loser. Loser. Shoot, I can rant the whole night if this isn't the exam week.

Although having said that, I'm thankful that I have more than one person who care about me and willing to be my crying shoulder. Ahhhhh
Thank you Dinie, Zu, Zatie, Tona, Elias and Wawa for not letting me cry even harder.
Thank you for the support and helps.
And thank you Syafiq for the jokes and for making me believe there's still hope.
You know you're capable of making me laugh even when I really don't feel like laughing.
You're capable of making me feel better with your consolation.
You sure know how to make me smile each time.
So let's forget about the damn carry marks and focus on the exam.
Although it's kind of hard to be listed in Dean List again this sem, there's nothing wrong with trying.

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