Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fooood for the brain :D

Just ordered two novels online, with a cheaper price compared to those
you can get from any bookstores ♥
I already bought one of them before but I lent it to someone (or some people more like it), and it got lost somewhere. Yeah, moral of the story, don't lend your things to people who are irresponsible. Got it? Good. The same goes to girls. Take care of your things and never give them to those who don't deserve your things. Lol. If you get what I mean. So, yippeee! New books :D

Met Mr. Awesome today. Hehe. I couldn't be any happier!
Although I was silent and acted weird at some point, he was patient with me still.
Thank you for entertaining my retarded mind :)

And and I'll probably never gonna buy photocopy books anymore, for study purpose.
Maybe you were right, boyfie. A lesson learnt.

Tiba- tiba rasa nak balik Uni cepat, tak sabar nak start belajar. Haha.
Look who's talking -______-


Ungku Natasya said...

OMG Babeee you're a novel-a-holic too? Gimme few suggestions! Hehe ;) x

Lina Nadia said...

Tasyaaaaaa :D
What type of novels are you into?
I always go for teen romance. Hehe. I'm a fan of Meg Cabot, but not a big one. Haha. I found her novel Queen of Babble quite exciting. Oh and I like Nobody's Girl. I don't know much about the rating though, but at least for me they are worth reading :)

And I heard Anna and the French Kiss best cte dia. I searched kat local bookstore takde haritu. So I ordered online. I'll let you know if there are other amazing novels ones should read. Hehe. What's your favourite? :)