Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waddup Everyburdyyyy!

You know what the truth is? I'm not really an outgoing person. Yes, I don't go out a lot, I just comfortably couped in my house. And it has nothing to do with my laziness and procrastination. It's not that I dislike going out, but I have to admit that I enjoy the serenity when I'm not surrounded by a crowd of strangers, the space I have to breathe in all the air, and the comfort I find in solitude.

I think my parents had done a pretty good job here. In my family, we girls don't go out at night accept with our own family. My dad always reminds us to be home before Maghrib, which is why my curfew is normally 7 ish, but later than that under certain conditions. I'm not complaining though, cause I know they do that for my own good. It's better this way. Barulah ala-ala perempuan Melayu terakhir -_________-

But this 4 months ++ holiday is really making me screaming in boredom weh. Being at home every freaking day doing the same freaking things has gotten on my nerves. Duhh. Nak keluar pun I don't have that many friends. Thank God I'm now in KL for a while.

Ohh btw tengok ni tengok niiiii!

Perlu keeee? HAHAHAHA

As you see above, I'm finally taking driving lessons. It took me a lot of time to encourage myself, you know. Hihi. I don't want to get involved in an accident since I'm such a klutz when I panic. Just imagine if a lorry in front of me suddenly brakes and I panic, trying to hit the brake but I hit the clutch or minyak instead- what's minyak in English? Oil pedal? T_T Google jap. Oh, accelerator pedal.
Imagine NOW. Okay you get my point. Please, please. Pray for me, thank you :)

How is everyone?

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