Friday, July 15, 2011

Batman is real?!

I was reading through Nash's blog and found this entry.
And I laughed my ass off. This guy is Batman! Haha. And like what I'd written on my
'About me' section which you can find at the bottom of my blog, 'I think I'll marry Batman oneday', I take that back.

And in case you're too lazy to open the link above, here's the picture.

I didn't know alright? T_T


Dhiya Fariza said...

javanese haha. say you will marry him now! :p and you will surely get a suparman as your father in law. kill two bird with one stone whaaat. hehe

Lina Nadia said...

omg noooooooooo taknak i! haha
this incik suparman must be the biggest fan of batman ever -.-
you want him? amik lah dhiya, amik lah, please i beg you. haha

Nash said...

handsome tu.. rugi tak amik. hehe.. thanks for reading my blog ^_^

Lina Nadia said...

sikit muka batman pun takde. haha
no prob :D