Monday, July 11, 2011

Is there any remedy for insecurity?

Sometimes I just never feel content enough with what I have.
I want these, I want those, I want a little bit of everything. It could be anything.
It could be somebody's voice, it could be somebody's perfect figure, it could be somebody's brain, it could be somebody's collection of things, it could be somebody's ability to do something that I can't. Well, basically anything.
And once I don't get them, it saddens me greatly.

I know I shouldn't be ungrateful. I know I have to learn to accept things the way they are.
I know I should think of the bright sides, and be grateful that I'm still luckier than somebody out there. But I'm just a normal, well, not-so-normal teenage girl (yes, note that I still call myself a teenager at the age of 20, who cares?) who has insecurity issues. I just can't help it. I don't have the willpower to stop harping on it :(
I know I should stop beating on my insecurities already, it's not as if I need any more harm done to my self-esteem.

Girls, we are all like this, aren't we?
Always feel down about ourselves, believe that we are not good enough. We get jealous easily when the others are better than us, and it's all because of our insecurities. So if you ever feel like that, believe me, you're not the only one who feels so. I don't know the method to cure this, but I always come up with my own way to make me feel better. Like, when I'm jealous of someone, I'll keep praising him/her, praise as in letting it out from my mouth, rather than just inside my heart. Although I'm in front of the laptop, and the person won't hear me, I just do it. Praise with a smile, repeatedly, until the point that I feel the honesty in me and the next thing I know, I no longer feel jealous with that person.

And there's another way that I usually do. I still remember this one talk about beauty I went when I was in PLKN. I can't remember where was it held, but it was outside the camp. The beautiful lady who gave the talk was talking about aura. Yes, we do have aura inside us. She said something about 'light' and that aura seems 'alive'.
I don't know exactly what aura is, you can google that if you want. But one thing I clearly remember is the tips, which I do whenever I'm unsatisfied with my look. When you're in front of your mirror, looking at your face and figure, praise yourself. Let out nice words to say to yourself.

"Cantiknya ________ (insert your name) hari ni!"

"Wow look at my thighs, they're smaller now"

"Eh muka I dah makin bersih la, berseri-seri plak I tengok"

When you do that, at the same time your aura will start to show positive light or something she said, I don't remember, which is what making you feel good and beautiful. It's better than giving comment tak membangun pada diri sendiri, like "Urghhh bencinya muka aku ni, apsal lah banyak jerawat" or "Apsal lah kau ni buncit ar perut?".
What can you get from that? You'll just make your feelings worse and menjunamkan your self confidence. See how can that relate?

So, whatever we feel, I think we should try to be grateful than ever. It's a note and reminder to myself too. Being jealous at people and wishing that we have their lives will not make us feel any better. And keep comparing ourselves to others does not make any good either. As long as we keep comparing, we won't be contented with what we already have. Just remember, as much as we dislike ourselves, there are probably people out there who envy us. Maybe we don't feel beautiful, we're not smart, or we're not rich. But who knows if there are people who feel like we're luckier than them, and wished they had our lives. And the cycle goes on.

And remember we always have Allah with us. Everything happens for a reason. He sure knows what's best for us.
So, chillax :)


Dhiya Fariza said...

awww i like your entry so much :)

Lina Nadia said...

awwh thank you for reading,
that means a lot :))

oh i wanted to follow your blog,
tapi tak jumpa followers button.
mane hilang? haha

i guess i'll visit your blog again later :D

Dhiya Fariza said...

haha blogger mendajalkan that button for few days dah now. thanks fer following me back :)

u really should write something like this more often, u express it very well :D and i would love to read.

Chachos Cheezy Wedges said...

cmne nak tgk post2 len????? hahahaha

Lina Nadia said...

dhiya: i don't usually write long entries, but yeah, insyaAllah :)

chachos cheezy wedges: hahaha kan ada older post kat bawah tu?

Chachos Cheezy Wedges said...

kne tekan satu laa ye?? penatt.. hahaha~~
nway, thanx follow my blog.. haa~~

Lina Nadia said...

semua blog macam tu kott. haha
okay, no prob. thanks singgah :)

Chachos Cheezy Wedges said...

oooo ye ke?? sume mcm tuh ekk.. yelaaa.. ur welkem =)