Sunday, July 24, 2011

My definition of Beautiful, Cute, and Hot.

Beautiful, cute and hot. As much as they are often used to describe girls, these three words actually indicate different meanings. And they convey different messages to whom the words are directed to.

Beautiful to me is not entirely about physical aspects, although it is normally used to describe faces. To me, it also takes things like personality and values into account. It's not all about having red lips, sparkling eyes, smooth and flawless skin, and charming smiles; it's also about being caring, kind and considerate, honest, helpful, and other good traits. So when a guy says you're beautiful, it's pretty much about 'yourself' and not just your 'looks', and he might think that your beauty wouldn't fade.
If a girl has a pretty face but a very bad personality for example, do you really think a guy will find her beautiful? To blind- hearted guys, yes, probably.
That is why for me, I would be very happy to get "you're beautiful" as a compliment from someone. It just feels good to get compliments sometimes, especially during those times you feel like you're at the least attractive moment. Although I used to deny it, 'alaaah mana ada', but yes I'm very happy to get that. I don't deny because I hate it, it's just a spontaneous act when I'm blushing. Hihi. Girls, I think you know what I mean, right? ;)

Cute. Cute is comel, comel is cute. Lol, wth. Okay, to me, cute isn't so special. Because we use cute to describe things, we use cute to describe cats and other animals, we use cute to describe babies, we use cute to describe guys, we use cute to describe someone's moves or behaviours, or anything. When you see cats, you go "alololo soo cute!". Then you see your favourite girl and you're like "you're so cute". Uh, what are you trying to say? That she's like, no different than cats?! Haha naah, I'm just joking. Don't get offended if you get a lot of 'cute' cause it isn't a bad thing :P
What I'm trying to say is, cute can be anything. So if someone tells me that I'm cute, I won't blush. Because it's just a common word, you know, it can mean your face is cute like so tembam macam baby, or it can also mean the way you talk is cute, it can mean anything.

Let's move to the third word, hot. Although some people say HOT is about the same as BEAUTIFUL, but to me they aren't the same. Hot is purely physical, and normally sexually. Like having a nice body figure, which I believe I don't have to elaborate here cause you know what do guys like, do you? And when you say hot guys, what comes to your mind? Those with nice abs isn't it? Ada kau terbayang Imam Hassan from Imam Muda?
Haipp, tu I cop. Haha. *Syafiq, jangan marah :P
To guys, if you're going on a first date like baru nak kenal, please note that some girls would find it scary if you use "you're hot" as a compliment. Like, seriously? I personally don't feel honored if some random dudes entah siapa- siapa nak "hey, you're looking hot". Okay anda boleh pegi jalan, memang tak layan. As if ada lah orang nak cakap aku hot. Ptuihh -.-
That's just an example. So basically you get my point.

Sooo, what's my intention of posting this entry? To get more people to compliment me?! Haha no. Just because. This is what I think and other people might have different views. So, who agrees with me put up your hands! However, it feels good to get all beautiful, cute and hot at the same time right? Muehehe :3
To those who have different opinions, I would love to hear them. Do comment :)

Oh lupa pulaaa. Put down your hands. Putus pulak kang angkat lama-lama. Haha

Chillax <3


Dhiya Fariza said...

putting my hands up and will not let it down. i just happened to agree on this so very much.

Nash said...

"you know what guys like, do you?" what is it that guy like ah, tak tau pun? hehe..


Siti Zulaiha said...

nice entry..

Lina Nadia said...

dhiya: awwh thank you :)

nash: taktau taktau. hee. thanks for dropping by!

zulaiha: thank you!

farahin is me said...

so where am i?? cute?? beautiful?? or huduuuuh...or.....ek eleh...biase jeeee.... hahaha