Friday, August 19, 2011


It was my turn to take care of my dad the other day because mom had to get back to work. So I stayed in the ward for the first time in my life since I was born. Haha. I was glad that the ward is clean and comfortable, the toilet is clean too, equipped with hot shower. Hot water is important, as I can't stand the cold from the aircond. I can't even stand 20 degree C. Oh wait, I can. But only for like, 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right. 20 degree C isn't that cold for some people, but for me it is. I'm kind of sensitive to temperature. There were times when I got drenched in sweat due to the hot weather while others didn't find it that hot. And there were times when the rest were enjoying the cold while I was all freezing. Dan tu diaaaaa I accidentally went out of topic cause this entry isn't supposed to be about the weather and sensitivity whatsoever -.-

And it's not about the handsome doctors I saw either. Tapi nak cakap jugak, ada doktor handsome tau. Hehehe. Doktor cantik pun ramai sampai abang I yang pemalas terus menawarkan diri nak tidur ward -.-
But he didn't. So I stayed there and it was boring yelah hospital kan, bukan shopping mall kau nak enjoy. I spent most of my time observing people and my surrounding. The doctors and nurses are very polite and friendly. The service is good. Not as what I usually heard, nurse ramai rude, doktor berlagak, etc. Words spread fast. So takde ruginya kalau anda bersopan santun, berbudi bahasa, beramah tamah dengan pesakit kan. They'll tell people who will then tell other people about it and the cycle goes on. Siapa famous? Kamu dan hospital kamu juga. And it is not only applied for doctors and nurses. The same goes with children and parents, students and lecturers, employees and employers, etc., go figure it out yourself :P

Back to my story. I had difficulty to sleep there. Maybe because it was a new place to me, so I could never sleep for the first night usually. Or maybe because it was too cold for me and I didn't bring my blanket. Or maybe because I didn't feel comfortable with the sleeping position as I had to sleep on a chair. Or maybe because of the distraction, the sound I heard outside, etc. Or maybe it was all of the above. I finally fell asleep for an hour at last, after staring aimlessly at the ceiling for I don't know how many hours. Oh by the way since when do I have the courage to stare at the ceiling at night? I don't even know -.-
And the good news we got the next morning, my dad could be discharged that day :) Which was yesterday. But he has to come back on Monday for the operation on Tuesday.

This is my dad sleeping.

Jakun datang ward, kalau boleh setiap sudut nak amik gambar -.-

Muka tak cukup tidur.
Tak pernah dapat bunga so bila
pegang bunga wajib amik gambar ye.

Then I went home, dashed into my room, jumpa katil ibarat jumpa Justin Bieber. Haha. Katil itu satu kenikmatan. Bersyukurlah kita dapat tidur atas Justin Bieber katil.


. said...

He looks like... one of those actors... not sure which one exactly... let's just call him Lina's Dad :)

That's your tak cukup tidur face?

This is my tak cukup tidur face:

Oh and OMG I'm seeing double in picture number two. Great photoshop XD

And no Justin Bieber for you. Go puasa. :P

Lina Nadia said...

He still looks like an actor even with all those bruises on his face right? hahaha

Scary john. I'm sure your future wife will never let you sleep late -.-

. said...

What? Then that means no......

Lina Nadia said...

No what? You don't want to get married?

. said...

No, if my future wife wants me to sleep early all the time then it either means we do it in the morning or we don't do it at all??

Lina Nadia said...

Oh okay I get it now -.-
I'm so innocent, can you tell? Haha

. said...

Yeah you're so innocent, haha.