Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day! :)

What can I say. I reaaaally like this song.
Finally. There's a patriotic, yet unboring song created. Haha

I think this song really does make a different after all. I mean, just look at my little cousins, aged 5-11.
There are 6 of them. Everytime this song appeared on TV, they would all gather in front of it and sing along to the song. It's just so nice to see kids as small as them actually have interest in this, y'know? :)
Kids like it, teenagers like it, even adults too. Of course, just liking it is not considered as a complete success yet, but at least it is attractive and interesting. Just like what I said in my previous entry, when we're interested in something, everything seems easier.
Maybe this one too. Maybe now the kids are just interested in the song but don't have any idea what is it about, but someday they will probably get it. So I consider that a success.

Happy Malaysia Day people! I'm proud to be Malaysian :)


Saiazuan said...

happy mlaysian day :D

Dhiya Fariza said...

selamat hari malaysia babe! i lambat wish LOL

Pocket said...

susah gak woo nak menerapkan nilai nilai patriotik dlm diri generasi baru :D

lagu is one way, most probably the best way...

Liza Razak said...

i love this song too :)