Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If I were a Scientist.

If I were a scientist, like Professor Agasa in Detective Conan who can invent anything that he wanted, no matter how illogical it seems, I would create a pair of mentally useful microscopical glasses. And this pair of glasses, it won't come cheap. They are going to be rare, and only those who really in need deserve them. This pair of glasses is for you to see. See the blotches of ugly thoughts in people, see how black their hearts are, see what kind of evil manipulation is running through their minds, see how not pretty they are on the inside, eventhough they are on the outside. Everything would have been easier if we could actually read minds or see the inside of people isn't it? 

It's reality, there will always be two-faced people all around you. They seem nice in front of you, act like they are your most worth trusting friends. But we are too 'you seem nice, I trust you' to suspect anything. Just wait until they spread bad words about you without you even notice. 

If you are clever enough, you don't actually need to be a scientist to make this pair of glasses.
So much as I do, people are hiding their glasses somewhere, and I think it's time for them to start looking for them and wear them tight, so that we can all start to learn to value the internal of a person already.

Isn't the face just a protective covering?

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