Friday, October 7, 2011

Not that talented.

Not all of us are born genius. And not all people are born talented. If we know we're not one of those chosen ones, we sure have to work hard to get what we want. We might think it's so unfair, that some people can do something we can't, and some don't need to struggle as hard as we do to get there. But God is fair and never be one-sided. Nobody is born perfect. We always have something that differ us from others. So be thankful of that :)

Life is short, learn whatever you want to learn because someday when you get older, you would probably regret what you'd missed. If you want to learn piano, go on. If you want to learn guitar, go ahead. If you want to learn other languages, just do it. It's always you who have to decide, not your parents, neither do your friends. No matter how hard it is, no matter how bad you tried, just hold on to it. And you'll see the light afterwards.
Orang cakap, bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang- senang kemudian. Why 'bersakit' and not 'bersedih' or 'bersusah'? Because in my opinion, when you feel the pain and you see how hard yourselves work, you won't stop until you reached that particular level you want to achieve. It's such a waste to give up after all those pain right? So keep working on it. Your success worth all the pain you suffered. 

I actually get the idea of writing this entry after reading something on my friend's wall on FB. She mentioned something about how she tried to play guitar but ended up hurting her fingers, and how she feels like it's almost  impossible for her to be good at it. I get her feeling, I truly get it. Because that was exactly what I felt the first time I tried to play guitar. But believe me, you'll make it. I still remember how hard I practised, I work my fingers on the guitar everyday until the four fingers of my left hand hurt like hell, and they started to pecah-pecah and became really thick and rough. But I kept on practising and ignored the pain. And that's how I succeed in the end (I can't believe I call it a success when I can't even play barre chords. Haha). I mean, that's how I can play. Not succeed, scratch that. Then I faced the second stage of difficulty, which was to play and sing at the same time. It sounds easy but if you try it yourself, it really isn't. But I worked on that one too, in  like, 2 days. Non-stop. And I finally made it. I'm not trying to boast here, I'm just sharing with you something you might need. You don't want to regret it later do you? Think of it this way. In 20 years time, someday, you'll see your children or grandchildren maybe, playing guitar and are great at it. It might occur to you, "I would have been this great if I worked just a little harder". Won't you regret it?

So dear friends, don't easily give up on something. Who knows you'll be better than anyone else? This is actually a reminder to myself too. So all the best to us! :)


Anonymous said...

u ada ambil kelas guitar tak?


atiqa aris said...


Lina Nadia said...

Atiqa: Yes, you're right :)

Anon: I pegi guitar class 4 kali je, skali pegi 30 mins. 4 kali tu just belajar basic. I takde masa sgt time tu so the rest was self-taught :)

Lina Nadia said...
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