Thursday, November 24, 2011

What happens next.

You know, sometimes I wonder about my journey in this world. If this is what happened today, what will happen tomorrow? If this is for now, what's next? How ready am I to face the challenges? How prepared am I now, if tomorrow happens to be my last day? I've lost count of how many sins I've done. And as much as I'm worried and concerned about it, I, as a humble human being, keep making new ones everyday. It's not that I don't care about my wrong doings, like they are no matter to me, and it's not that I'm not afraid of the judgement day. I do realize that life is short, and time waits for nobody. I tried to change myself for the better. But I guess it wasn't hard enough. Because in the end, I became the same person as I was. A sinful person that keeps making sins, no matter how small. And I'm on my way to change it. 

But anyway, everyone has their own way of dealing with what seems to bother them. And so do I. Which I pretty much prefer to not tell anyone. Let's just say, if people are doing sins, it doesn't mean they're not doing any good deeds right? Like the story of a prostitute who gave a drink to a dog, using her shoes (is it? I can't remember well). And in the end, she went to heaven. You see, it's the intention that matters. 

I don't want to write more on this, because I know I'm not in the place to talk about something like this. And I know this kind of thing is quite sensitive to some, which may offend them. I apologize in advance. 
Anyhow, everyone is making sins. You can't just judge them with what you see. You wouldn't know what those people really do in their lives. You wouldn't know how many amal they do, although they look nothing like people who deserve respects from others. I still believe in the phrase 'don't judge the book by it's cover', although it seems nonsense because in reality, the outer DOES matter. But well, it depends on how you judge it.

And to those people who think I'd lied to them when I said I wanted to change (you know in what terms), I'm sorry, but I haven't lied about that. I still want to. You know, friends should give courage to each other, not badmouth about them on your blog, nor make them annoyed with you questioning them about what they suppose to or shouldn't do. There are many ways to give advices, without offending them. Take note about that, alright friends? :)

I didn't mean to write quite a long post actually, this is so accidental XD
So I better stop now before I totally abandon my assignments.
Toodles for now :)

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