Monday, January 16, 2012

Deep in the maddening mind.

I listen to sad songs when I'm sad.
And they say "Listen to happy songs, they'll make you feel happier."
Do they really?

Being too careful, too curious, too paranoid, too much of every little thing.
I never got an answer, and it seems like, the less stupid thing to do is to convince myself that we are all the same. I've regretted many times, unfortunately, doing things out of the norm, which is far from the person I actually am.

This is just another emotional entry which I don't expect anyone to understand. I should just listen to more sad songs. K.


. said...

The best way for me to say this is, that scene in Inception where Arthur (your lovely Joseph Gordon-Levitt)tries to prove planting ideas in people's minds isn't possible.

I say, "don't think about elephants. What are you thinking about?"


It's the same thing that these stupid positive thinking movement people don't understand.

If you're sad and you tell yourself, "don't be sad." What are you thinking more about?

The harder you try to fight your mind, the harder it'll fight back.

But of course, Arthur might be a little too pessimistic. Planting ideas in people's minds is possible I think, but subtly. Just like how the group had to go three levels into the mind and not plant exactly what their client wanted them to plant. But the most basic form of the idea.

I believe in solving your problems, not wishing them away. I tried, doesn't work for me. And I love sad songs too.


. said...

O ya, message me la when you read my comments. I'd like to hear what you have to say. And I jarang baca blogs these days so... Anyways, me test da over so I should be free anytime to reply to SMS. Please and thank you.

Lina Nadia said...

Unfortunately I haven't watched Inception.
But I do get the idea of what you're saying. I read your comment some while ago, and didn't really understand. But now that I read it again, I get it now. Lol.

Hey you seem to understand well every emotional entry I posted, surprisingly. I didn't expect anyone to understand it though. You know how sometimes we feel really down, sometimes even without reasons, right?

'The harder you try to fight your mind, the harder it'll fight back'- totally agree!

And yes, the elephant thing. It's like, when someone's crying and we tell them not to. They'll end up crying even harder. Stupid thing people do, all the time.

That Arthur guy probably has interesting idea in this, but like you said, a little too pessimistic. It's not entirely impossible though. The 3 levels you mentioned, are they happened to be the Kurt Lewin's model of change? The unfreezing, change and refreezing levels? Learned that in Human Resource, and I think it can be applied here. If planting ideas in people's minds is not possible, why do these theories even exist, right?

We are the sad songs supporters. Lol. High 5!

And thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

. said...

"You know how sometimes we feel really down, sometimes even without reasons, right?"

Yup. I think it happens when subconsciously you know something's just not right. Like you're not steering in the path you wanted. Or when you're just so exhausted, especially emotionally. I experienced this a lot when I was doing sales. Some people just get more energy every time they interact with people. Others, like me, just get more tired the more we interact with people.

It's just inconsiderate la I think. Most of the time most people are thinking about themselves. But you know what pisses me the most? When your self esteem is so low and you ask someone what they think your strengths are and they say, "You've got a lot of strengths, just think positively." But they can't tell you what you're strengths are!! People you've called your friends for so long, but they can't tell you what you're strengths are!

No, I haven't heard of Kurt Lewin. Maybe we should ask Christopher Nolan if he got his idea from there, Lol. And someone has to be very skillful to make someone think an idea not of their own is an idea of their own in the first place.

And no, thank YOU for sharing your thoughts. Otherwise I wouldn't know someone else felt the same way I do.

But, sometimes, I feel like I'm a girl, Lol. Not that I wanna be a girl, I like having a dick. But Picasso once said, all artists are women. And I've been interested in art since I was a kid. But I guest fate is just screwing with me. I've got a friend studying Design and he spends A LOT on his course. I guess it's better for me to get a job that pays well and please my parents first, then pursue art in my free time.

Oh, and Picasso said lesbians are lousy artists because they're women trying to be man, Lol.