Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talk like a girly girl.

A girl lies when she says she hates surprises, she simply doesn't want you to plan long drawn surprises. Which girl doesn't want to see a little effort from the man she loves?

A girl also lies when she says nothing's wrong. There's Always something wrong. Once again, she wants to see your effort in noticing what's wrong even without having to ask.

A girl lies, all the time.


ubaidillah zulkefli said...


. said...

What is it that a girl wants actually? It's funny, equal rights, greater intelligence, but still held back by instincts. Oh, and there's the thing about wanting equal rights only when it's advantageous to you. Not criticizing, but it's a human thing, right?

What a funny curiosity, no matter how smart we are, we're limited to what we can perceive. The problem with being human. I call it the human condition.

. said...

Oh yeah, that comment was supposed to expand into gender roles. I think given the power women have these days, you're still not very sure what to do with it. A lot of women earn more than men these days but still expect the man to be the aggressor. Kinda weird.

And it's not any different for men. I've got a female classmate who lives in Setapak, travels for about 2 hours per day to get home but still gives tuition on Wednesday and Sunday. How does a man compete with that?

. said...

Hey this is so sudden but I think I've got a better way of putting what I want to say.

I mean, women should be much more empowered la. But what I see is, you're still pretty much controlled by emotions.

Men aren't any better la. But in the context of "women being better than men", well, it doesn't really hold true la kan?