Sunday, September 16, 2012

Expect less, be happy ♡

Girls. We all live in our own imaginations. Our ears had been fed with fairy tales stories since we were little, which kind of affects a big part of what we are now. Often we fantasize about our own versions of fairy tales, hoping that one day they can all be fulfilled. We believe in them still, although knowing that fairy tales are just tales, they aren't real. And soon, when we grow up, we read love novels and watch romantic movies which, to me, kind of give the wrong idea to us that fairy tales do exist. And these are the reasons that we girls have high expectations when it comes to love. We tend to expect too much, perhaps. And these too much, will only lead to major disappointments. This is often the reason why girls (like me) become emotional, sad, angry, or moody all of a sudden, while the guys mostly don't have any idea what they had done wrong. I don't blame them though. The problem is us, the girls. We expect them to be as perfect as the heroes in romantic movies, with 10/10 romantic level. The question is, do those guys really exist? And even if they do exist, will we be satisfied enough

We can't really expect people to be perfect for us, because it's the way they are. Everyone has their own flaws, and so do you. We have to realize that not everyone is going to knock on your door with a bouquet of roses when you are angry, and not everyone can drive a million miles just to see you when you miss them. Reality check, girls. We can't expect them to satisfy you and make you happy all the time. Instead of hoping they will be hopeless romantic, try to be more contented, and appreciate what you already have in front of you. They might not stay awake all night to accompany you just because you can't sleep,they might not be as romantic as Seth Tan, or any other heroes you admire, but they're the ones that are always there when you need them, the ones who'll console you when you're sad. We're too focused on the big things in life that we can't even see the little things they do. And yes, it's the little things that counts. Try to lower our expectations, and maybe only then we can see how wonderful love is. True, love is not always about happiness, but if we don't expect too much, maybe we can make it less saddening?

Got my brain washed, time for a change :)


. said...

Blame Disney lol.

The key ingredient in seduction is making someone believe you can make his/her dreams come true.

Yeah, like candy, it rots your teeth. So be careful when Mr Right comes along.

I think the main problem is how we're raised. Boys are raised to believe life is an adventure. But the truth is, it's probably going to be less exciting than they expect. Hence, the sports cars, sports, and young women.

But the main problem is, we're raised to be different but are then expected to live together peacefully.

How logical is that?

. said...

O ya, update pasal orang asli kena tunggu lagi ke?

Lina Nadia said...

I was planning on writing about that, but my uni's wifi is soooooo slowwwww, seriously. I can't even upload a photo. So I'll blog about it once I go home, probably.

Quy An Nguyen Huu said...

Hi Lina,
Now I'm hereeeee at your blog. So happy to know more about u and ur life. This encourages me to write more in English :D

Quy An Nguyen Huu said...

Hi Lina
Finally I'm here at your blog. So happy to know more about ur life and what's going on with you
This sure would encourage me to blog more in English
Miss you

. said...

Lol OK.