Friday, August 3, 2012

Favourite Holiday ♡

I guess it's not too late to wish Welcome August, the month of Eid Mubarak and also the month Malaysia celebrates it's independence day! Yeay! *claps*
Any month in which Eid Mubarak falls is always my favourite month. Lol

Anyway, I do realize that I haven't been blogging a lot. I thought I had lost interest in blogging and was about to delete my account. But I'm glad I didn't. This is the only place for me to write a long, boring entries, for interested people to read and for uninterested people to choose not to read. What was that? -.-

Time for little updates about my life at the moment. So, I'm on holiday now, like most of you. All I do at home nowadays is read, or watch movies, or go online, or read. 
Eating is excluded since it's Ramadhan the fasting month. If it isn't, eating would be the first one I'd put on the list, trust me.
I haven't gone out a lot, which I don't really mind because I'm just so lazy liddat (actually sometimes I wanted to, but siblings are away, no friends to hang out with, you can call me Pathetic Lina). But really, I'm pretty much antisocial by nature, if you ask my family you'll know. So I'm okay with it, as long as there's internet at home so 
I can download movies.

Life seems to be looking up, and I've been happy for the past couple of weeks. Surrounded with family, keeping in contact with bf, online shopping, good result, 
I'm a happy kid!  

As for my result, to be honest, I didn't think I could get on the Dean's List for this past semester. I thought I did bad and I was quite disappointed with a few subjects. I didn't get high carry marks either, which made me worried. So I just prayed and prayed for the result to be good, because I really don't want to let my parents down. My mom especially. But despite the rants that I thought I did bad, Allah granted my do'a. That is by far, the highest pointer I've got in 4 semesters. Totally beyond my expectation.
Words can't describe how thankful and relieved I am, Alhamdulillah. And I'm ashamed, really. Ashamed of myself. I asked Allah to grant my wishes, which He did, but me on the other hand, neglect His commands :( Gotta work on that right?

Anyway, result macam mana pun, just be thankful and be happy. It's your effort after all. If it's not good, move on and work harder. Which is what I did after getting my 2nd semester result. It was baaad. But don't let bad results put you down lah kan. Whatever it is, congrats to all of you who have got your results! :)

And thumbs up for the unnecessary usage of cute icons


. said...

Finally, I've been waiting so long for an update lol. Though, to be honest, nothing really interesting about this post. Sorry... But congratz on making it on the Dean's List.

Lina Nadia said...

Yeah, I agree. I'm too lazy to blog about anything useful these days. lol. And thank you!