Thursday, August 29, 2013

Intentions + Actions

It's good if we have intentions to change for the better. But sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that 'intention' alone is not enough. What's the point of having such good intentions, yet we never actually try to realize them?

"It's not the right time yet" 
(I don't know how some people classify a certain period to be the so-called 'right time' though. Do the words 'RIGHT TIME' suddenly pop up out of nowhere at some point to notify them?)

"Alah, I can do that later"

"I'm not ready"

True, every good intention is counted. But the intentions are meaningless if no further action is taken to make them come true, yes? The intentions will be just some wishes we keep in our hearts. Wishes that we hope will come true, well, magically? 

Niat je tak boleh juga. Usaha tu penting. Instead of waiting for the 'right time', instead of fighting with our inner-selves about 'should I or should I not change', instead of postponing and avoiding, instead of telling others about our good intentions but do nothing about them, why don't we just do it and prove it? It doesn't matter how small the steps we take at the beginning, as long as we really try. That's how we prove to others that we CAN be better. 

I used to get offended (probably still do) when people judge me from the outside. Like 'yo man you know nothing about me so shut up and drive'. Then it got me thinking, nope that's not entirely their faults. You see, it's only the nature of human beings. We like to see pleasant things because they indicate good things, we hate to see disturbing/awful things because they indicate bad things. Though not always, but frequently. Though not all true, but mostly. So I'm just saying, maybe we shouldn't expect people to not judge us if we know we need improvements and not just intentions. If we want people to look at us in different ways, show them.

Just something I've been meaning to write. So let's be a better person :)

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. said...

Hey Lina, kita kawan lagi tak? Cam tak nak talk to me je. Have things changed? Just tell me ar. I understand.