Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Type of people that gets on my nerve today.

People who don't give commitments.
I hate working with people who don't put their efforts in their tasks. Maybe I was like that too, once, the old me. But once I grow up, I realized that I couldn't be like that forever. Something has to be changed. I'm not a very hardworking person, truth be told, I'm more to a playful type. But then, I don't always play and take things lightly. There are times when you don't have to care so much about things, and times when you just HAVE TO be serious. 

'Not good in English' shouldn't be your excuse for not doing your part of tasks. It is indeed one of the stupidest excuse I've ever heard. I know we are friends, but is it nice to ask your friend to do YOUR tasks just because you think her English is better than you? What's the function of GROUP WORK again, may I ask? I don't mind if your grammar is bad, or your sentence is not correct, believe me, my English is not that good either. If you just do what you could, I would have corrected it for you. But what really makes me annoyed is you didn't even put your effort to do it. It's not like you don't have textbooks and can't read at all, for Goodness' sake.
This is not the first time, in case you don't remember. How could you depend on me too much? Even if my English is slightly better than yours, so what? Does it mean I understand everything? And that I have to do all of it? And yes, today you all did it again. I was in pain, and wasn't in the mood, and yet I was the one looking for the answers for the questions that are supposed to be done together. And none of you offered me a hand. What do you think I am? A robot with no feelings?

We are friends, and friends don't take advantage of each other. I was so annoyed this afternoon that I could barely able to talk to any of you because I don't want to fight or anything. But dear friends, please keep in mind. I may look patient, but if you take advantage of me for some times, I may lose my patience too. And you don't want to hear me rant in front of you. Because when I do, I can be very bitchy, mind you.
Sooo, I'm sorry for writing this. If you read this, then please give your commitments. And if you don't, well I guess I'll think of other solutions later. Anyway, I apologize in advance. 

Trying to chillax here.

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